Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy Class Reference

#include <PropertyProxy.h>

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Public Types

enum  UsageType { UT_INDEX, UT_KEY }

Public Member Functions

 PropertyValueProxy (PropertyBase *prop, size_t index)
 PropertyValueProxy (PropertyBase *prop, const String &key)
 PropertyValueProxy (const PropertyValueProxy &rhs)
PropertyValueProxyoperator= (const PropertyProxy &rhs)
PropertyValueProxyoperator= (const PropertyValueProxy &rhs)
PropertyValueProxyoperator= (const Variable &rhs)
template<class T, class U>
PropertyValueProxyoperator= (const Local< T, U > &rhs)
template<class T>
PropertyValueProxyoperator= (T t)
String _toString () const
Any _toAny () const
template<class T>
 operator T () const
Variable var () const


class PropertyProxy

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::UsageType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::PropertyValueProxy PropertyBase prop,
size_t  index

Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::PropertyValueProxy PropertyBase prop,
const String key

Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::PropertyValueProxy const PropertyValueProxy rhs  ) 

Member Function Documentation

Any Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::_toAny  )  const

String Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::_toString  )  const

template<class T>
Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::operator T  )  const [inline]

template<class T>
PropertyValueProxy& Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::operator= t  )  [inline]

template<class T, class U>
PropertyValueProxy& Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::operator= const Local< T, U > &  rhs  )  [inline]

PropertyValueProxy& Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::operator= const Variable rhs  ) 

PropertyValueProxy& Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::operator= const PropertyValueProxy rhs  ) 

PropertyValueProxy& Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::operator= const PropertyProxy rhs  ) 

Variable Odyssey::PropertyValueProxy::var  )  const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class PropertyProxy [friend]

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