Odyssey::Job Class Reference

#include <Job.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::map< String,

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Job ()
void setConfig (const Config &config)
 Set the config for this Job.
Config getConfig () const
 Returns the config for this job.
virtual void execute (const VariableMap &vars=VariableMap())=0
 Executes the job.

Protected Attributes

Config _config

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<String,Variable> Odyssey::Job::VariableMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Odyssey::Job::~Job  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Odyssey::Job::execute const VariableMap vars = VariableMap()  )  [pure virtual]

Executes the job.

This function executes the job, and does not return until the job has finished. The job can be further configured through the VariableMap passed in.

vars a map of named variable parameters

Implemented in Odyssey::DelegateJob.

Config Odyssey::Job::getConfig  )  const

Returns the config for this job.

void Odyssey::Job::setConfig const Config config  ) 

Set the config for this Job.

Member Data Documentation

Config Odyssey::Job::_config [protected]

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