Odyssey::MessageQueue Class Reference

#include <MessageQueue.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::set< MessageListener * > ListenerList
typedef std::list< MessageMessageList

Public Member Functions

 MessageQueue ()
uint32 getID () const
void addListener (MessageListener *listener)
void removeListener (MessageListener *listener)
Variable sendMessage (const Message &msg, MessageMarshaller &marshaller=StdMessageMarshaller())
void postMessage (const Message &msg)
void pumpMessages ()
void clearMessages ()

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::set<MessageListener*> Odyssey::MessageQueue::ListenerList

typedef std::list<Message> Odyssey::MessageQueue::MessageList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Odyssey::MessageQueue::MessageQueue  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Odyssey::MessageQueue::addListener MessageListener listener  ) 

void Odyssey::MessageQueue::clearMessages  ) 

uint32 Odyssey::MessageQueue::getID  )  const

void Odyssey::MessageQueue::postMessage const Message msg  ) 

void Odyssey::MessageQueue::pumpMessages  ) 

void Odyssey::MessageQueue::removeListener MessageListener listener  ) 

Variable Odyssey::MessageQueue::sendMessage const Message msg,
MessageMarshaller marshaller = StdMessageMarshaller()

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